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Efficient Re-roofing Services in Erie

Keeping your roof in peak condition is critical to the safety, efficiency and value of the home. The roof is also one of the biggest investments. When installed and maintained properly, it provides rewarding return on expense. Re-roofing is the process of layering new shingles over existing ones and can only be done once. The existing roofing material can also be removed down to the wood sheathing, rotted wood replaced and a new waterproofing membrane installed beneath a fresh layer of shingles, metal or tile.

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Re-roofing is a good choice if the overall roof is in decent condition, without any missing shingles or significant water damage. This option is recommended for the entire roof rather than a small portion. Re-roofing over shingles is often more affordable than major repairs as it requires less time, materials and labor. It also provides quicker turnaround than replacing the entire roof.

Your Expert Re-Roofing Team at M & N Remodeling

If you’re wondering whether re-roofing/reshingling is the right decision for your home, M & N Remodeling is here to help. We are family-owned and locally operated and continue 7 years of roofing experience. Our team of licensed professionals are well-known for honesty, integrity and quality of workmanship. Get in touch at (814) 250-8056 or via our online contact form to arrange for a convenient consultation, straightforward recommendations and accurate estimate. With re-roofing, we add to the aesthetics, value and lifespan of roofs across Erie, Harborcreek, and surrounding areas.

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